Crop Science

Crop science is the highly integrative science including plant breeding, transgenic crop improvementplant physiology and improved varieties of agronomic turf using developed cropping system and local crops to produce food, feed, fuel, fiber for growing population.  Last century crop science achieved successes, now which are the part of everyday life. The role of crop science for biofuel production will increase upcoming year. Starch, carbohydrate, sucrose that can be converted to biofuel and ethanol for optimization of biomass yield and minimizing the inputs of fertilizer, irrigation and pesticides, it is needing to grow all bioenergy crops. And for minimize the competition between biofuel crops and human food crops.

  • Crop Biotechnology
  • Genome-edited Crops
  • Crop Genetics and Breeding
  • Efficient Crop Production
  • Crop Protection & Entomology
  • Crop and Pasture Sciences
  • Dwarfing Gene Techniques
  • Crop Modelling & Hybrid Technology
  • Agronomic Technologies
  • Seed Technology & Research