Food Bio-Actives

Except for nutrients, food contains small amounts of so called bioactive compounds. These compounds add value beyond nutrition, directly affecting physiological functions in our body by acting on cellular pathways. Epidemiologic studies, where the effects of a diet in different populations are observed, indicate that those who eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish are likely to lead a long and healthy life. We know very little of which compounds that generate health effects and the mechanisms involved. We believe that the combination of compounds is important, and therefore a more positive health effect is expected from the ingestion of fish and whole grain products compared with isolated fish oil and separated bran fraction.

  • Probiotics & Prebiotics of Food
  • Antibiotics vs Food Probiotics
  • Food Carbohydrates and its Interaction with water & Food Proteins
  • Lipid Structures and its Interaction with water & Food Proteins
  • Interaction of Salt & Minerals with Water & Food Proteins
  • Energy Metabolism of Starch
  • Food Proteins, Vitamins & Minerals
  • Food Starch & Food Sugars
  • Metabolism of Food Components