Soil Science & Research

Soil provides ecosystem necessary for plants and animal life. Soil acts as a base medium provide habitat, water, and nutrition to living organisms. The soil is used as a holding and interacting facility for nutrients, microorganisms, plants and water. The soil is responsible for Agro ecosystems and Eco-agriculture which indirectly help in food security. Soil purifies groundwater, provides nutrients, help in the growth of plants and regulate the Earth's temperature. Industrial, household, and non-point source pollution negatively influence soil environment and finally the whole ecosystem. In recent decades, scientists have developed new practices which limit the mobility of contaminants which reduce pollution. Agriculture conference gives a chance to researchers and scientist to explore the latest and modern developments in the field of Soil Sciences and its related technology.

  • Soil Health & Chemistry
  • Soil Microbiology and Soil Remediation
  • Microbial Inoculant
  • Soil Morphology & Geology
  • Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Analysis
  • Improving Soil Fertility Health
  • Soil Physics and Advanced Biophysical Techniques
  • Evaluation of Soil Structural Quality
  • Soil Compaction & Consolidation
  • Soil Carbon in Tillage Systems